The Singapore Taekwondo Federation will be introducing a new grading system for   participants 12 years old and below (based on year) with effect from the October 2016 grading season.  July 2016 grading season will be the last time students (12 years old and below) will start at White 10.

Coaches who wish to introduce the Foundation Levels to their students earlier may do so.

What’s new?

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation will be introducing 3 foundation levels for participants (12 years old and below) and an intermediate poom belt stage for juniors (15 years old and below).

What is the primary objectives of the change?

The primary objectives of the change are to ensure that participants are ready for the challenges of the sport and enhance their standard and to support coaches in their effort to guide their students.

How students may complete the 3 foundation levels?

Option 1

Foundation 1 Time-frame to be decided by the coaches
Foundation 2 3 months or more
Foundation 3 3 months or more

Option 2

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

3 months or more
Foundation 3 3 months or more

Option 3

Foundation 1 3 months or more
Foundation 2

Foundation 3

3 months or more

Option 4

Foundation 1

Foundation 2

Foundation 3

3 months or more


The coaches will have full discretion to decide on the Option and the time-frame for the 1st foundation test.

What are the requirements for each of the foundation level?

Level Requirements
Foundation 1 ‘Cha-ryeot’, ‘Kyeong-rye’ & ‘Joon-bi’

Fist formation

Twin downward block (Parallel stance)

Punches – middle (Parallel stance)

Belt tying

Foundation 2 Punches – high, middle & low (Parallel stance)

Twin downward block (Natural stance)

Forward stance – moving forward and backward (with or without the aid of movement lines

Bounce – clockwise and anti-clockwise (‘Kyorugi Joon-bi’ stance)

Foundation 3 Middle-section punch (Horse riding stance) – slow motion

Twin downward block (Natural stance) and middle-section punch

Raising kick (Natural stance)

4-direction stepping with the aid of movement lines (Natural stance)

For candidates 5 years old (based on year) and younger, coaches do not have to send them for formal testing for foundations 1 & 2.  Their assessment may be based on the observation of their competency and recommendation by their coaches.  And the grading card shall be endorsed by the coach and countersigned by the examiner assigned to the club.  If the coaches so wish, they may send their 5-year old and younger candidates for foundations 1 & 2 assessment under the examiners.

For candidates taking two or three foundation levels at the same time, the examiner will decide on the performance items.  It can be all if the examiner so desire.

Will students 5 years old (based on year) and below be allowed to take Foundation 3 or all the Foundations at the same time?

Yes, the decision shall be made by their respective coaches.

What belts will the foundation level students be wearing?

They will all start wearing white belt.  On obtaining their first foundation level, they will wear a white belt with one star.  Two stars will adorn their belts for foundation two and three stars for foundation three (that is, White 10).

Explain the intermediate poom belt stage.    

All candidates going for the poom belt, except those who are exceptional or perform poorly, will be awarded a provisional grade.  The examiners will inform the coaches the areas of improvement required for each candidate.  6 months later, the candidates will be required to go for a confirmation test.  They will be tested only on the areas that they have to improve – for example candidates who are weak at poomsae will be required to do poomsae for their confirmation.  Only confirmed candidates will obtain their 1stpoom certification.

What is the time frame required for 1st to 2nd poom?

Confirmed 1st poom candidates may take the grading six months after confirmation.

How much must the candidates pay for the confirmation test?

It will be $25 per candidate.  The standard fee allocation will apply.