Observing the etiquette of taekwondo should take precedent over the learning of techniques. Without proper behavior, taekwondo partitioner will not be able to realize their full potential. Moreover, they will expose themselves to higher risk of injury.

The taekwondo training venue or gymnasium (dojang) is a place to learn the fundamental of taekwondo. While in the dojang, the students will follow the basic rules. The rules are enforced to maximize the effectives of the training environment, and to place emphasis on the development of the student’s character and fitness.


1. Greet when entering or leaving the dojang
4. Listen and pay attention to instruction.
7. No leaving of class unless permission is granted from the coach.
2. Greet the Coach
5. Alway help or guide the junior members to improve.
8. Always put back equipments after use.

3. Sit in a correct manner
9. Always keep the dojang clean.


  1. Be patient, humble and polite at all times.
  2. Put in effort to improve and have sense of responsibility.
  3. Must not behave in an irresponsible manner by causing distraction, make gratuitous remarks, show off, challenge to fight or criticize fellow member.
  4. Practice Team spirit and to have mutual trust among fellow members.
  5. Help the junior members to improve and set good example for them to follow without any criticizing or asking for rewards.
  6. Make effort to promote the essence of Taekwondo.
  7. Participate in all Taekwondo activities provided by the club.
  8. Obey the rules of the Club, display humility and show respect to parent, elders, coach and seniors.
  9. Be loyal to the Club, the Organisation and the Nation.
  10. No training or coaching in other clubs without the approval from the coach.
  11. Smoking and liquor is not promoted. Instead a desirable and disciplined lifestyle should be maintained.

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