The Easter long weekend was an exciting experience at Acme Taekwondo, as Master Nguyen Thanh Huy, Secretary General of the Vietnam Taekwondo Federation brought his World Championship gold medal winning poomsae team to Singapore to conduct an intensive training camp at Jeoljeong Training Centre.

The team are full time athletes in poomsae and Master Huy is a highly respected world-class coach who is very generous in imparting his medal-winning techniques to better the standard of taekwondo.  His technical accuracy and innovative training methods captivated our young audience.

Poomsae is an extremely difficult discipline within taekwondo, with competition points highly dependant on presentation, accuracy and presice execution.

From time to time striking and blocking movements are amended by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in order to improve effectiveness and flow so it is of utmost importance to ensure our competitive players are up to date.

With the national schools competition just around the corner, it was a timely and enriching visit.

Three full days of training is not an easy feat for our young students, which range in age from eight years old to mid teens, but as Coach Joyce Lim is quick to remind, “there is no success without hard work”.

However, it was not all hard work as Acme hosted a barbecue on the Saturday evening for our guests, coaches and students to enjoy together.

Acme Taekwondo would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Master Huy and his team for conducting such a wonderful training camp for our members.

Likewise, thank you to all involved from Acme Taekwondo who helped make the camp a success.

Let’s all continue to work hard to improve our poomsae skills and make taekwondo one of Singapore’s top sports of world-class standard.