The 15th International Clubs Open Taekwondo Championships (ICTO) was held from 8-10 September 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The championships attracted 27 countries.

With 2 officials and 13 participants, Acme's bring home:

- 1 gold (Poomsae by Shaine Tiu)

- 1 silver (Poomsae by Yee Liming)

- 3 bronze (Poomsae by Zoe Lim and Kyorugi by Shaine Tiu & Zoe Lim)


" I am sure the parents now have a much higher confidence with their kids and not getting too worried on the myth about the powerful oversea players with head kick. Our kids now can block better, take more pressure, continue to stay firm and calm during the fights and also not to lose themselves and behaving like a fool in front of others. I believe these experiences are far more valuable to the kids than just winning." by Mr Larry Lim (father of Zoe & Aiden).


" For all the players, I must say that i am heartened to see their progress over these years. A Big Applause 👏 to all of them for their hard work and efforts. We hope they will continue to improve their taekwondo techniques and skills so that they would be able to compete well in both local and overseas competitions." by Regina (mother of Yee Liming).



The 3 Medalists: Shaine Tiu (Gold & Bronze), Yee Liming (Silver) and Zoe Lim (2 Bronze).